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About Grip6: Crafting Quality and Strengthening American Manufacturing

Founded by BJ Minson five years ago, Grip6 embodies a vision of creating simple, functional, and enduring products, all made in the USA. BJ's journey began with a belt but soon transformed into a mission-driven endeavor to address pressing issues and inspire change.

The Problem: As a father of five young children, BJ felt disheartened by the constant disposal of low-quality products, not just toys, but almost everything. The lack of "Made in the USA" products in stores left him concerned about the decline of domestic manufacturing. Recognizing that manufacturing is essential for economic strength, he knew something had to change.

Doing Something About It: BJ designed a unique belt, envisioning a step toward making a difference. His Kickstarter campaign for the belt garnered significant interest, revealing an opportunity and a challenge: manufacturing 10,000 belts. While most manufacturers suggested outsourcing to China, BJ was committed to making his products in the USA.

Grip6 Buckle been forged

The Obstacles: What followed was enlightening but challenging. Domestic manufacturers had lengthy timelines and high prices, pushing for offshore production. BJ's principles and commitment to US manufacturing clashed with the manufacturing landscape. It was a tough choice between principles and profits.

My Moment of Truth: BJ faced a daunting decision: make it himself or compromise his principles. He chose to create the belts in the USA. The journey was arduous, but BJ, along with his friend Winslow, persevered. They delivered the first batch of 10,000 belts, marking the beginning of their American manufacturing story.

Our Progress: Despite skepticism, BJ and his team pursued in-house manufacturing. Controlling quality, learning from customer feedback, and making continuous improvements were the rewards of this challenging path. Purchasing machines and building custom tools led to lower costs, greater efficiency, and improved product quality.

Domestic Manufacturing Today: At Grip6, the focus is on showing that American businesses can compete in a high-tech, global economy. The company embraces modern tools and strategies, believing in the importance of maintaining manufacturing knowledge and ability.

Our Masterplan: Grip6's mission extends beyond belts. The goal is to create high-quality, long-lasting products that customers cherish for a lifetime. Their commitment to strengthening domestic manufacturing remains unwavering.

Get to Know Us: Join Grip6 on their journey as they introduce new products and bring processes in-house. Witness their determination, evolution, and commitment to making a difference.

At Grip6, it's not just about belts; it's about building a legacy of quality and American manufacturing resilience. Your support and trust are valued on this incredible journey. Share your thoughts and be a part of Grip6's story.