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Badgerbite Tight

Do you feel that?

That’s what a No Slip Belt feels like. Does it feel like dozens of invisible woodland creatures chomping at the bit (literally) to keep your belt in place? Yes it does, because that’s exactly how it’s literal forest magic.

Just put on the belt the same way you’d put on any non-magic belt, run the loose end through the front of the buckle, pull tight, lay the buckle down and then leave the rest to the guild of badgers now currently tugging at your waist. (That’s right, just by reading this you have summoned these invisible waist badgers, and they are very hungry. Do not disappoint them.)

Even us, the proprietors of GRIP6, are not exactly sure why our belts work so good, we just woke up one day and we happened to own the best belt company known to mankind and animal-kind, alike. We imagine the real secret was lost long ago.