Ultimate Fly Storage and Protection: The Stage Plus Pro Fly Box Collection

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Looking for the ultimate collection of waterproof and dustproof utility boxes to protect your valuable flies? Look no further than the Stage Plus Pro Fly Box Collection! This collection includes the entire range of Stage Plus Pro Fly Boxes, including the 001Fly, 002Fly, 003Fly, and 004Fly models. All boxes are part of the PRO Grip line, IP67 certified, and equipped with an automatic pressure release valve for superior protection from impacts and elements. The lids and bases are equipped with high-density EVA foams to securely store your flies, making them suitable for any type of use or application. Whether you're an experienced fly fisherman or just starting out, the Stage Plus Pro Fly Box Collection is the perfect solution for organizing and protecting your flies. Invest in this comprehensive collection today and enjoy peace of mind knowing your valuable flies are protected and organized during transport. Don't settle for anything less than the best in fly storage and protection - choose the Stage Plus Pro Fly Box Collection.