About BellGear

BellGear is founded on the premise that high-quality outputs start with high-quality inputs. BellGear supplies only the best products from Mechanix Wear, Wiley X , Grip6, Stage Plus and Panaro into the personal protection equipment, manufacturing, leisure and tactical markets backed by the industries’ leading guaranties. BellGear doesn’t just sell the best; it’s supported by the best, giving the users of these products total confidence that they are built to perform, and made to last.  

BellGear sells a premium-quality range of hand protection from Mechanix Wear, eye protection from Wiley X, belts from Grip6, Hard cases from Stage Plus and fishing boxes from Panaro. Headquartered in South Africa, BellGear supplies direct to its customers through www.bellgear.co.za or through trusted tactical and outdoor outlets countrywide.


About Mechanix Wear

Since the debut of the Original® work glove at the 1991 Daytona 500, Mechanix Wear has built a reputation as the leader in automotive, construction, industrial, and tactical hand protection. Our mission is to look beyond conventional ideas and continually innovate the most advanced gloves for working hands. The Tool That Fits Like a Glove®


About Wiley X

Since its establishment in 1987 Wiley X has been a global leader in the protective eyewear market supplying military forces and law enforcement personnel with top of the line ballistic eyewear. Realising the need to protect your eyes also during leisure and sports, Wiley X is the only premium eyewear brand who tests its entire sunglass collection to both ANSI Z87.1 & EN.166 safety and optical standards.


About Grip6

Make it simple, make it work, make it strong, make it in the USA.  The GRIP6 Belt Company is dedicated to building products that make our lives easier, work better, and last longer than anything on the market today.  And furthermore, we committed to building them proudly in the USA.  Just as people have lost connection with where their food comes from, the same can be said for where our clothing comes from.  From the jobs we create, to our environmental impacts, we think it’s important for everyone to know what it takes to make a product.  Our integrity and our craftsmanship are on trial with everything we make. We built the product, and we stand behind everything we build – FOR LIFE.

About Stage Plus

The Stage Plus PRO Line series are watertight cases that are rated IP67, tough, durable and reliable. Along with ATA 300, DEF STAN 81-41 and STANAG 4280 certifications, this line of cases may be used in a variety of applications, ranging from marine, photography, scuba diving, hunting, fishing, military and law enforcement and even the manufacturing industry. These cases offer superior protection from the elements, water, dust and impacts, making them suitable for a wide range of sectors and applications.
About Panaro

Panaro have been developing plastic solutions to carry, organize and protect our customer’s gear for over 50 years. Italian DNA. International spirit. Founded in 1962 as a small family workshop of tackle boxes and plastic case solutions, the company has evolved throughout the years and has continuously expanded its product range. Now Plastica Panaro is a full-service company, offering design, development and manufacturing services.

Panaro is a full-service company, offering design, development and manufacturing services. We are able to create hundreds of innovative solutions for hardware, packaging, equestrianism, fishing and thermoforming markets. We have always been environmentally conscious and as a result have continuously invested in green technologies, systems and procedures in order to minimize our environmental impact.