M20T Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds - Experience High-Quality Audio on the Go
M20T Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds - Experience High-Quality Audio on the Go
M20T Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds - Experience High-Quality Audio on the Go
M20T Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds - Experience High-Quality Audio on the Go
M20T Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds - Experience High-Quality Audio on the Go
M20T Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds - Experience High-Quality Audio on the Go

M20T Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds - Experience High-Quality Audio on the Go


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Introducing the EARMOR® M20T Wireless earbuds, the perfect solution for in-ear electronic hearing protection in challenging environments. These advanced earbuds effectively suppress hazardous noise levels above 82dB, allowing you to maintain situational awareness and enhance communication. With the added convenience of Bluetooth connectivity, you can seamlessly connect your devices while enjoying the benefits of noise reduction. Whether you want to listen to music, answer or reject calls, or simply indulge in diverse communication and entertainment options, these earbuds have got you covered. Experience up to 8 hours of uninterrupted usage on a single charge, and stay informed with voice prompts and low battery notifications. The compact and lightweight design of these earbuds sets them apart from traditional headphones, ensuring compatibility, portability, and utmost comfort.

Designed to excel in various scenarios, the EARMOR® M20T Wireless earbuds are ideal for a wide range of industries and activities. From Oil & Gas, Mining, and Automobile Manufacturing to Construction, Product Manufacturing, Forestry, Machine Maintenance, Military Missions, Outdoor Sports, and Transportation, these earbuds adapt effortlessly to your needs. Powered by Wireless 5.3 technology, they offer lower power consumption, extended battery life, and enhanced signal strength for a seamless audio experience. The innovative hybrid design combines ambient sound amplification and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to leverage noise reduction, audio pickup, and Bluetooth functionality simultaneously. Enjoy the benefits of the fast reaction core, which compresses ultra-fast at 0.5ms in response to sudden loud noises like gunshots.


  • Clear voice tracking and optimization of self and surrounding vocals
  • Effective control of feedback problems, minimizing pickup and whistling
  • Convenient single-button control designed for extreme environments
  • Multi-scene switch for seamless transitions between Outdoor, Indoor, and Silent modes:
    • Outdoor mode - maximum sound output and increased range
    • Indoor mode - optimal hearing and moderate distance coverage
    • Silent mode - enjoy Bluetooth audio or make calls without external disturbances
  • Auto-connect functionality for added convenience:
    • Automatic power on/off when placing the earbuds in or out of the case
    • Effortless Wireless search upon activation
    • Auto-reconnection to Wireless for hassle-free usage


Active Noise Reduction 82dB
NRR 26dB
Battery Lithium Battery
Working Voltage 3.7V
Temperature Resistance -40 Degrees to 60 Degrees
Material ABS+PC
Diameter 10mm
Impedance 16 ohms
Rated Power 3mW
Frequency Response Full-Band
Sensitivity -38dB
Type Omnidirectional
Charger Type-C


Take your listening experience to the next level with the EARMOR® M20T Wireless earbuds and enjoy unparalleled hearing protection, seamless Bluetooth connectivity, and exceptional comfort. Enhance your productivity and safety in any environment, and immerse yourself in high-quality audio with these remarkable earbuds. Place your order now and revolutionize the way you experience sound!

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